Monday, 11 October 2010

A book, a CD, an exhibition - what next?

cover of book, photo of Maggie with sign saying This Is Madness
The book!
After a busy summer, working on the Oor Mad History book, on the CD and on the Oor Mad History exhibition, we are back blogging.

We launched the book on the afternoon of Friday 2 October, which was the first day of the exhibition.

Over 100 people attended, a great mix of activists from all eras, allies old and new, and interested members of the public. It was so good to see so many people coming together and I got a thrill out of seeing people talking intently about the exhibition, sharing memories, and swapping ideas.

We had great speeches from Malcolm Chisholm who opened the event, Jim McGill and Kirsten MacLean.

Malcolm Chisholm is MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith and a long-term ally of the user movement in the Lothians.

Jim McGill is a long-term activist and now a volunteer interviewer, archivist and member of the steering group for Oor Mad History. He spoke about his experience with Oor Mad History and his hopes for the future.

Kirsten MacLean, community history worker, has worked tirelessly over the past 2 years on so many aspects of the project. She explained some of what we have done, and thanked a long list of people who have been involved in so many different ways in Oor Mad History.

Kirsten standing in front of display and behind table full of books
Kirsten shows off the book
The overwhelming interest in the book and exhibition has confirmed what we have always thought - this is too good to stop. We have lots of ideas on what we want to do next. Now we need to plan for the future.

If you have ideas on what we should do, how we could do it, or want to get involved in any way, please contact Kirsten MacLean, our community history worker, at

You can get a copy of the book and the CD from Kirsten as well. A PDF of the book will be available on this blog soon.


leti hawthorn said...

Fantastic work and great to see it in a blog as well. These are exciting times! I'm just starting to make a Blurb book of my images and poetry from the exhibition...

Anne said...

Hi Leti, thank you!
Have you a website or blog showing your art? I really like it, especially the one with the letters from angel and the one about going under the railway bridge on the Water of Leith.
A blurb book is a great idea.