Friday, 15 October 2010


Last night we took the exhibition down. We felt quite sad - we had been so excited putting it up, and it has been wonderful to see so many people visit it, talk with them, read the comments...

We started before the exhibition with this:

plain white display boards, sign with

then during the exhibition, it looked like this:

display stands now with display boards, t-shirt, plinths

and last night it was back to this:

empty display stands, lonely white balloon hovering in foreground

The exhibition ran from Friday 1 October to Thursday 14 October at the
Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, off Leith Walk, Edinburgh.

We shared the space with

  • Much More Than A Label - art works by people who were involved with the PD work which CAPS has been working on;
  • Outlook, the mental health community education project who displayed posters that students made about recovery and
  • Equally Connected a mental health project for people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities.
It was part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival which runs every October and aims to help challenge attitudes towards mental health through the arts.


LadyMoon said...

Hi Anne, just wanted to say that the exhibition was fabulous! I came along to the book launch and was really inspired. It's great to see fellow madfolk taking positive and creative approaches to speaking out and raising awareness.

Where can I buy a t-shirt?


Anne said...

Hi Sharon, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

The t-shirts were made a long time ago so the ones we still have are part of the archive. The one I wore at the launch was my own from way back then.

We are thinking about making some new ones so watch this space.