Monday, 19 April 2010

Book Workshop Report

The Book Workshop on Friday 16th April went really well. We had 15 people attend throughout the day.

one of the tables all laid out ready for us to get work

Kirsten began by telling us what the day was about: read through some of the transcripts in ones or twos and mark what we thought were the best quotes using highlighters and stickers and pen - whatever suited.

Before and after, we had a discussion which I thought was very focused, affirming and inspiring. Serious points with lots of laughter.

When we were working on the transcripts, I was struck by the studious air of the room. Some of us worked on our own, heads bowed, highlighter pens dashing along the pages. Some of us worked in pairs, having quiet, intense discussions.

At lunch time, Kirsten had to drag some of us away from the hard work so that we could have soup and rolls in the café.

We finished with a big thank you to Kirsten who organised and managed the day in her usual efficient and warm manner.

ideas for the cover - we'd love to hear yours

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