Monday, 21 March 2011

One of the constants at the Principles into Practice awards event was the use of the arts. Not just a way of passing the time, art - whether painting or writing or performing - is a way of finding your voice and telling your story.

And this is something we have been doing, especially at our exhibition last October. Jimmy Osborne's scupltures and photography stimulated a lot of discussion. We shared the space at Out of the Blue with exhibitions of art by people at Outlook and Equally Connected as well as award winning Much More Than a Label, CAPS PD project.

As well as Jimmy, other people involved with Oor Mad History are artists and writers. Sharon, a volunteer in the archive, is a writer and her book Prozac and Prayers was published last year. Jim and Anne both write as well and Anne has started doing comics. Who knows what other creativity exists?

We are now thinking about the future and how to use various arts - music, drama, visual art, writing - to record and remember our history and to tell it in new ways.

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