Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Interviews in full swing! Thanks to everyone!


Thanks Anne, for your update on the Oral History Society Conference. Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

Just to say that the interviews are in full swing now and going well. I'd like to say a HUGE THANKYOU to everyone that has been interviewed so far and also another HUGE THANKYOU to all the volunteers who are doing the interviews. We still have quite a few interviews to do and if you or anyone you know would like to be interviewed, please give me a call at the CAPS office on 0131 538 7177. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Also thanks to the Patient's Council for having me along the other day. Hoping to interview a few current members soon.

Jim and I also were invited to speak to Health In Mind staff in July about OMH. They have a new Service User Involvement Worker, Ben Hall who is looking at ways to increase service user involvement across Health In Mind. Thanks to them for having us along.

I think that's all the news for now...

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